Dearest Friend,

This is the first time in a long time that I get to sleep early. Also the first time in a long time that I got home before eight. Granted, that’s only because they let us off early from work due to one techie glitch or another, but whatever. I got home early. I honestly cannot believe I am stoked to sleep at ten tonight.

That’s the reason I’ve been AWOL from blogging. At the start of the year, I said my resolution would be to blog every week – obviously that hasn’t happened because I haven’t posted much (at all?) since I got employed. But the point is that: I am employed. I finally have an answer to that Nescafe commercial my friend loves so much:

Para kanino ka bumabangon? (Whom do you get up for?)

I have an answer now. Good God, how long I’ve waited to have an answer to that.

Funnily enough, an unbelievable percentage of my concerns now are relatively mundane. Will my co-workers notice that I’ve worn the same pants for three days in a row? How on earth do I wing a proper but not too proper office photo so I’ll look both approachable but functional? Am I wearing the right underwear for this horrible mustard-esque top? These have been my concerns for the past month.

Happy monthsary to me. Today, as I write this, the first month of my being part of the labor force comes to a proper close.



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