‘Tis the Season

Dearest Friend,

I was walking with Zi along one of the major streets in Krus na Ligas when she said she loves election time. At first I couldn’t understand what she was talking about. But then she pointed at the newly cemented ground beneath us – all flat and white and obviously freshly paved – and I realized that yes, ‘tis indeed the season.


The miracle of Election Period is that roads that on any other year would take an entire decade to finish end up perfect and shiny after just a few weeks. Political ad campaigns start to rival primetime soap operas in terms of paawa factor. In the Philippines, no one cares how many bills you passed in Congress or which Senate committees you headed – the most important thing is that you’ve got a nice, catchy jingle that’s easy to sing along to.

We like our modern Messiahs so the more you promise that you’ll pull us out of poverty the more we will love you.

There are many things about the Philippines that I would like to see changed in the next few years. But Election Period and the Election process in general are definitely in the top ten.


Photo (c) philstar.com


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