After the Fact: USA 2015

A is back. After two months in the States, I’m back in the Philippines with its glorious tropical weather. I can never migrate to a temperate country, if only because I can’t stand the cold.

Friends have been asking me what I did there, and I can honestly say, not much. I felt like I was simply transplanted – my activities there didn’t vary much from my activities in my home environment. I spent a lot of time online. I wrote a ton. I watched movies, did my best not to burn the apartment down with my cooking, and glared at the universe in general. When a person is committed to sulking, she sulks wherever she is. I realized this.

I did end up doing some things though. There were a few museums in DC that we got to visit. And then there was also New York. I ended up scouring supermarkets for pumpkin pie after I heard it was worth stalking. I joined a Halloween party – of sorts.

So here’s a breakdown of the stuff I’ll be writing as a sort of conclusion to my 2015 US experience:

Kalabasa and Pumpkins Galore: A Pinoy Halloween in the States
The Ultimate Search for Pumpkin Pie
The Un-Tourist Takes On New York
The Un-Tourist Takes On New York: Brooklyn
I Want to Live in the Freer Gallery
American with Bits of Pinoy

I’m the complete Un-Tourist, the type of traveler who bitches about not having enough space in my luggage for an extra packet of wet wipes, the type who absolutely hates being photographed. But even Un-Tourists have stories. Stick around to hear mine!


3 thoughts on “After the Fact: USA 2015

  1. I feel uncomfortable being photographed, too. We have that in common. I’ll take thousands upon thousands of photos of places and things but never include myself. :))

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