On immunity and getting better

Dearest Friend,

I rarely get sick, but every June – what used to be the start of the school year in the old academic calendar – I get a week-long bout of cough and colds. This is probably because come June, the tug-of-war between the two seasons of the Philippines happens: the heavens can’t decide if we’re supposed to be melting under the sun or drowning in flooding brought on by heavy rains flying in from the Pacific. I’d have forgotten this strange phenomenon this year, except it came to bug me right after our college graduation, and I found myself on a self-imposed bed rest as I struggled to get better without having to drink medicine. It’s my belief that I shouldn’t drink medicine if what I’m sick with is treatable with water, sleep, and a few minutes on 9gag.

Girl Feeling Free In A Yellow Field At Sunset

I was in bed for a week. I was feeling too weak to attempt conversation with my roommate, who had been too focused on her Midyear Calculus exam anyway – she was constantly muttering to herself about how she had the formulas memorized but didn’t know how to use them. To console myself I read the tons of new Harry Potter fanfiction that I hadn’t waddled into since the last time I actively poked around that fandom – it might have been more than four years ago. Eventually, my health improved, and I was feeling remarkably better. And I was better in the sense that I came out of my sickness feeling even more energized than I was before I got sick.

I owe it to the fanfiction, I think. I haven’t been reading in a while – I was too stressed with my life to sit down and concentrate on not being stressed – but now that I have a few months to myself, I’ve been reading again, and it’s been clearing my head. When left on my own, I often end up thinking: this is who I should be, but I’m not that person, how do I become that person, am I ever going to be that person? And I end up murdering myself with evil comments in my own head – it makes me miserable. So really, I’m very thankful that I have wonderful fanfiction to save me from myself. To all my favorite fanfic writers, you’re helping me transition from my post-college days to this wonderful world called adulthood. You have all my gratitude.


Photo © Ed Gregory on Stokpic.


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