Roundup: Week 13 of 2015


Sunday, 22 March
Zi and I attend a HallyUP event celebrating the greatness that is KPop. Though neither of us knows anything about KPop, HallyUniverse 2: Hallyuniversity entertained us unexpectedly.

Monday, 23 March
Bought too much water, but that’s okay. Making the most of the UP Cooperative before it closes – for reasons I’m still unsure of, although I’ve a feeling they’ve to do with President Pascual’s decision to cut down on staff.

Tuesday, 24 March
Planning meeting for the Chancellor’s Reception for international students in May. I love being part of a cultural org.

Wednesday, 25 March
Stayed at home and tried to work on my thesis. Got about two pages in before I got distracted and said, “Tomorrow”.

Thursday, 26 March
Pampered myself in a way I would someday like to deserve. Had nails painted in old rose – which is essentially what I think I am: an old rose.

Friday, 27 March
Drinking outside on a Friday night. This is a sort of habit, meeting Zi on sort-of-weekends to talk.

Saturday, 28 March
Tisang and I at SM North when suddenly the lights were dimmed. As it turns out, Earth Hour.


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