Valentines Day 2015

Dearest L,

In less than two hours, it will be Valentine’s Day.
I’m not sure how you usually celebrate
This – admittedly – capitalistic holiday,
But I know you were looking forward to the 14th this year.

Instead of your undoubtedly illustrious plans,

You had to spend tonight
Pigging out on the greasiest pizza flavor we could find
On Pizza Hut online.
It was the least I could do for you.
Never having been
The sharpest screwdriver in the tool shed when it came to love,
I could only offer you my willingness to split on junk food.
I could not even offer my shoulder for you to cry on,
Because I just came from jogging and I’m sticky.

I’m so happy that you’re happy.
You’re beautiful, smart, young,
And I’m so glad you know it.
I’m so happy you’re taking this little bump for what it is –
A minor hiccup.
Something that you needed in order to grow,
But a minor hiccup nonetheless.

It takes some people forever to get over a momentary affair.
And when they do,
They close their eyes to the love around them.
I’m thankful you’re not that way.
I’m thankful you’re still full of hope.

And no matter what your feels may be,
He is not your final exam.
He is only a lesson.

Somewhere out there,
Someone is going to make you smile.
And he will be your happy ending.

Happy Valentine’s Day, L.

I’m glad I got to share a family-size, stuffed-crust,
Bacon cheeseburger pizza with you.



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